First Impressions (Anime): Owari no Seraph

I’ve just taken a good long look the list of Spring 2015 Anime and… I… seem to have found an interest in following a lot more anime this season than first thought… Well crap. Not sure if I can afford the time to keep up with many considering school is starting to pick up in the middle of the semester, but will see how it goes.

Anime: Owari no Seraph 「終わりのセラフ」a.k.a. Seraph of the End

Owari no Seraph is one I’m definitely sticking with though. The whole reason why I finally picked up the manga recently was because I wanted to read it before it started airing. Check out my previous post on the manga.

WARNING: Shounen violence. People die.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 9.52.02 PM

You know that situation where you’re watching something with a friend, and you know exactly what’s going to happen next, so your friend starts commenting and asking you questions in the middle of the show but you don’t want to spoil anything so you keep your trap shut, like “Just watch!” and ignore them?

Yeah, that was me.

Owari no Seraph, unfortunately, has a story that is so frigging easy to spoil you can’t trust yourself to say anything without—most likely—letting something slip. (*Psst. The second manga volume cover is already a spoiler. Teehee.)

But enough about that.

I have to admit, I probably have a weakness to scenery art portrayal in an animation… Owari no Seraph started off beautiful, to me. Besides the nice background art, I thought the differing style of character animation really made each character ‘pop’ and stand out great.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 7.25.45 PM

Owari no Seraph has a very Shounen storyline. And it started out fast. Episode one was basically the backstory and introduction to the main character.

Maybe it’s because of the music (as mentioned by a friend) or maybe it’s being able to see the characters actually moving, but I got more of a kick watching the first episode of Owari no Seraph compared to reading the first chapter of the manga. I know you can’t compare these two mediums much, concerning their vast differences, but it was something that stuck in my head. Bonds were portrayed better, characters drove more emotional connection… it felt different. A few friends and I took awhile to get ‘into’ the manga, but I don’t feel like there’s going to be much of a problem with that for the anime. Woop 🙂

What were your first thoughts on Owari no Seraph?




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