‘First Impressions’ Intro

Actually had some reservations on starting a ‘First Impressions’ series of posts because I’m not the kind of person who likes judging/having a fixed opinion on a series based on the first impression I get. But after thinking about it again, it’d be pretty cool if I actually put down a few thoughts I had at the the beginning of a series, and then after getting more into or finishing it, there’d be a comparison from when I started to what I think about it then. 

As with all other posts, this ‘First Impressions’ thing would be pretty erratic. I’ve been trying to figure out ways to keep a regular schedule for posts, but I don’t want blogging to become something like a chore. If I start dreading this, there’d be no point for me to have started this blog in the first place. I hope to continue and enjoy this for as long as possible.

First Impressions posts would be really short opinions/thoughts. I won’t go into detail. There won’t even be a synopsis of the series. You can go google that yourself. I still hope you guys enjoy reading them as I enjoy writing them.

It’d be great if you could share your thoughts on the series I write about too! (whether in the comments or private message, whichever you’re comfortable with) 🙂


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