Movie: Parasyte (Part 1)

First, I’d like to say that I am not a good judge of movies. There’ve been movies I thought was ‘Okay’ or ‘pretty good’, which I’ve heard others say was bad, but there haven’t been many movies that I found bad that other people thought better of. Does that make sense?

I don’t follows actors, I don’t know producers or directors. I… honestly… don’t know anything about movies really. I can appreciatethe camera-work and various technical and artistic aspects that go into making one, but that’s probably about it. So, now that you know how inadequate my knowledge on any sort of films are, here’s what I thought about a movie I watched with a friend 3 weeks ago.

Movie: Parasyte (Part 1) 「寄生獣」 Kiseijuu Part1


Parasyte Part 1 Singapore poster

Parasyte (Part 1) is a Japanese science fiction, action, horror film adapted from the original manga series of the same name (that I blogged about previously). This first film was released in Japan in Nov 2014 and the second film is scheduled to be released in May 2015. This two-part live-action adaptation is directed by Yamazaki Takashi.

Parasyte: Part 1 had grossed around ¥800 million at the Japanese box office after two weeks. [Wikipedia]

For people not familiar with the story: Alien worm-like-things enter human brains via the ear canal and take control of their bodies. One alien tries to go for teenager, Shinichi Izumi’s brain, but is blocked by his earphones. Plans ruined, the alien invades his right arm instead and Shinichi now has an alien for an arm. Accepting the fact that their relationship is one of codependence, they join forces against other parasites.

WARNING: Rated NC16, at least in Singapore. Blood and Gore.

I like thinking of adaptations as being different to a story’s original medium; Whether it’s a manga to anime or book to movie, if I directly compare the two different portrayals of plot, it feels a little bit like I’m not giving an equal chance to the both of them. I mean… one is based off the other, but ultimately, a (somewhat) different group of people worked on it so I’d like to think about it as different.

To be very honest, Parasyte was not good movie.

Everything felt choppy and the story-telling didn’t feel like it flowed well at all. I love parasyte’s basic plot and the themes concerning humanity it brings up, but with so many holes and abrupt progressions in the movie, it was hard to get totally absorbed with how everything played out. It might’ve been because it’s an adaptation of the original that the movie basically tried to cram way too much into 2 hours of screen time. Parasyte has a darn great story, but trying to cram a 10-volume-manga/24-episode anime into 2 movies of about 2 hours each, even after leaving out scenes and fast-forwarding, is definitely too much of a stretch. The slightly different angle the movie went with —tweaking little situations and quirks of Shinichi’s character— was pretty interesting, but everything felt disjointed and I couldn’t get pulled into it.

Like I said above, I know next to nothing about movies. This pretty much extends to acting too. But I have to mention… I actually… quite liked Sometani Shouta’s portrayal of Shinichi and Fukatsu Eri’s Tamura Reiko. I think they did a pretty good job on their roles. The character development in Shinichi is a major part of Parasyte’s story and it was really cool to be able to see it played out so well in real life, albeit certain iffy moments in the movie story. I thought the actors got the ‘cold, emotionless, dead fish eyes’ down pat, HAHA. But this might just be me. I also have to mention that I like the actor that voiced Migi, Abe Sadao only because he was my favourite character in the Jdrama, Team Medical Dragon. About his portrayal of Migi in the Parasyte film though? I’m not too sure. It kind of felt like Migi was too expressive considering how much it emphasized on the fact that it didn’t have emotions like humans do. Although, it might not be his portrayal so much so as Migi’s movie script instead. Hmm…

Probably the only unanimous good thing that my friends and I discussed about enthusiastically would be the blood and gore. Not even kidding, all of us thought the gory scenes looked amazing. Rating of NC16, but I’m so very glad the live-action film didn’t censor much.

Quite awhile before screening in Singapore, I’d heard that Parasyte Part 1 was pretty big letdown. That crushed a lot of my hopes. I mean, just Google “Parasyte movie” and look at the title of the first article! HAHA. I didn’t read any articles or reviews though, that one included, plus there was no way I wasn’t gonna see it in theatres for myself. This is just what I thought about it.

Not sure I can outright recommend this movie even with how much I love its story, but I can’t regret watching it. I liked Parasyte Part One. It just wasn’t good. Still gonna catch Part Two when it’s out though. There’s no way I’m missing it after catching Parasyte Part One. I just hope I’ll be in Singapore when it shows.



2 thoughts on “Movie: Parasyte (Part 1)

  1. Come to think of it, I’ve only read bad reviews of that movie. Which is pretty sad. I’ll probably get around to watching it sometime though because I loved the manga so much. Personally I have a tendency to be more forgiving about not so good adaptations of things I really like.

    Btw are you thinking of doing more movie reviews or was this a one time thing?


    • Totally feel ya. If you’re a fan of the series, I think you should watch it 8))

      About more movie reviews, I don’t usually watch movies, so I’ll probably just post about the few animated films or ones I feel the urge to share about. This blog is really dependant on how the series/movie/whatever resonates with me I guess? I’ve actually got one planned for a DC animated film that I watched awhile back, but we’ll see.

      Thank you for reading what I write 🙂 It really means a lot to me. I hope you continue to enjoy my blog.


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