A visit to Sushi Dai, Japan’s best sushi restaurant according to world travelers

So I wrote a really long comment when I shared this Rocket News blogpost on Facebook, and then thought I’d like to share this here too because even though Manga is my first love, this blog is for sharing other loves as well. Even though I usually ‘Eat to live’ and not ‘Live to eat’.

Sushi Dai really is amazing. A friend and I queued for 3 hours and 15 mins (maybe a lot longer than a lot of people OTL but other people’ve waited longer?) and by then it was lunch time even though most other sushi restaurants around close at about 11am.

I have mixed feelings on whether the food itself is worth queuing for over 3 hours considering I’m not THAT much of a food person, but it’s the most amazing (and beautiful-looking) sushi I’ve ever tasted.

They were the last store open throughout the whole of the market because they try to feed every single person that queues up no matter how late it gets. We were given styrofoam cups of hot green tea that really warmed us up in the middle of winter.

The head chef is such a friendly guy. He always has a smile on his face when chatting with customers or when doing his craft. His English isn’t that bad and if I remember correctly, he can also speak a few Chinese words. Even the assistant chefs and madam are friendly and smile at you often. The guy in the glasses’s English is great and apparently he’d studied culinary arts in Singapore previously. I’m always really nervous in unfamiliar settings, no matter what, but the atmosphere was comforting and I was pretty much starstruck and in awe.
Maybe I’m not the best judge on food (or much anything in general), but considering the once in a lifetime experience of everything that kind of added together? I think 3 hours was definitely worth it.

Holy crap what the hell essay is this.

TLDR: This place is the shit. Consider going. And if you do, I hope you enjoy the whole experience as much as I did. Hopefully more so.


SD 17

A portion of Tokyo’s world-famous Tsukiji Fish Market is expected to move to the Toyosu neighborhood in 2016. While part of the retail market and many restaurants will be sticking around, the upcoming relocation of the wholesale operations makes 2015 the last full year to enjoy Tsukiji as the absolute center of the sushi world.

In other words, if you’re looking to make a trip to the area to see it at its peak, now’s the time. And while there’s always something to be said for discovering a largely unknown restaurant with delicious food, on our Japanese-language correspondent Nakano’s visit to Tsukiji, he decided to dine at what travelers have voted the best sushi restaurant in Japan, Sushi Dai.

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