To keep track of your manga/anime list

I was having a chat with someone who had commented on my Gang King post a few days ago (thank you for the updates on Fujisawa Toru-sensei’s more recent works ~) and the topic of keeping track of the mangas you read and anime you watch came up. Pretty sure the both of us aren’t the only ones who’ve had trouble with this problem.

So if you’ve ever felt the need to keep a notebook or document on the chapters or episodes at which you stop at for manga or anime, or just want to keep a general list of the stuff you’ve read or watched… I’d like to introduce you to is a LIFESAVER. It took me a really long time to update it with whatever series I could remember, but if you get past the initial set up etc., it’s so darn convenient. I’ll never forget a series I read/watch ever again. Unless the Web Comic etc. doesn’t have a page there. (There’re a few manhwa’s with pages.) Or I forget to update my list OTL There’re also forums and fan clubs and other stuff to check out on that website, but the only thing I use it for now is as a list 😛

This’s already in the About page, but for a complete list of manga/anime I’ve watched, see my MAL profile 8D

I hope this helps you as much as it has helped me.


2 thoughts on “To keep track of your manga/anime list

  1. Hahaha omg this would be so useful… If I actually bothered to set one up. I know I don’t really want to because I read too much OTL (I don’t think it auto tracks what I read, right?)

    Always good to know though! Thanks Nic 😀


    • If I remember correctly, you DO have an account though? But you were telling me how troublesome it was to set up so, hahahahah. Man, it’d be amazing to be able to auto-track, but we read stuff from different sources so that’ll be pretty damn insane if it was possible.


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