Start of the Winter 2015 Anime Season

So the Winter 2015 Season of Anime just started a week ago with Koufuku Graffiti’s first episode. If you’re not familiar with this, the debut airing of new anime in Japan is usually broken up into 4 seasons, following the seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter in Japan.

To keep up with news on what’s airing and when each episode is (more so for ones I’m interested in), I go to There’re other chart sites, but this one is really convenient. You can customise the schedule chart to your timezone and the order at which you’d like to see the titles in etc.

Just watched Tokyo Ghoul Root A’s first episode this morning 🙂 But I won’t be blog about it. At least, not now. There’re a few others that’ve caught my interest this season too.

Considering how deep I am in this hobby, I’m not actually that much of an anime person.

  1. The first reason being that I just prefer reading compared to watching. It leaves more time for my brain to imagine and soak stuff in I guess.
  2. The other being that with the amount of time I spend reading (whether manga or fanfiction) or doing other things, if I watched a lot of anime, I would have no time to sleep.

Sometimes I wish I could bring myself to watch more anime. But I get sidetracked way too often. And unfortunately, catching up on life is important.

What anime are you looking forward to this season? Or you can just recommend me any other anime that would go into my “watch someday” list, HAHA.


2 thoughts on “Start of the Winter 2015 Anime Season

  1. While I haven’t watched it yet, I heard that “Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love!” is quite hilarious. It’s a mahou shounen anime that parodies on magical girls anime. It’s a little brain-frying but stupidly funny. It’s also by the same director of Gintama. If you don’t mind having your brain fry a bit at the WTF, you can consider watching it. XD (On a side note of how ridiculous it is… One of the guy’s transformation is totally a rip-off of Sailor Moon with the shining rainbow nude body, and what they say while transforming is “Love Making” *facepalm* They also have to face off pastry based monsters.)

    As for what anime I’m looking forward to this season, I can’t say I’m gonna watch any of them for sure (since I don’t usually watch anime), but I’m pretty curious about Durarara Season 2. If reviews are good I’ll watch it after it ends XD Other than that, Assassination Classroom might be amusing to blow some time with. If anything, Fukuyama Jun voicing Koro-sensei would be entertaining. The summary and poster of Death Parade looks interesting though!


    • HAHAHAHAHA YES. I’VE BEEN WATCHING BINAN AND ABSOLUTELY LOVE. IT. TO. BITS. It’s my 20+mins of laughter every week pffffft.

      As for others… Been keeping with last season’s Parasyte, this season’s Death Parade, JoJo, Tokyo Ghoul Root A… also thinking of watching Drrr and Aldnoah Zero, but havent got the chance or motivation to yet I guess. Read some Ansatsu years ago, but the manga didn’t really catch my fancy and I havent continued it since, so probably won’t be starting on the anime till I pick up the manga again :/
      Might do a first-impressions-etc post on those I’ve been keeping up with maybe 8))


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