Event: Cosfest Christmas 2014

If you’ve read my late post on AFA last week, I mentioned something about one more small cosplay event that was happening on the 21st and 22nd of December. It was called Cosfest Christmas and is the third event in the Cosfest ‘series’ of events throughout the year, held at Downtown East. I just went for Saturday, the 21st.

Wasn’t originally planning to go, but a Tsukiyama friend was going to perform on stage for fun so decided to go down to support without cosplaying myself. But then a Kaneki cosplayer I recently met during AFA convinced me to cosplay Hide and I caved only because the 21st was Kaneki’s birthday. And this meant that Hide could potentially run around in a party hat wishing all the Kaneki cosplayers there “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” and singing the birthday song to my new Kaneki friend from AFA. HAHA.

After wishing a few Kanekis and singing to my Kaneki cosplayer new-friend, I swapped my party hat out for a christmas hat and ran around in that instead. Changed out pretty darn fast though. I am ashamed to admit I half-assed makeup and wig-styling that day.

Hide got a present from Touka-chan ~ P: Alfen

Hide got a present from Touka-chan ~ P:Alfen

Basically, Cosfest Christmas was the last local event of the year; A hoohah for the year-end so to speak. Had fun with friends and got a few Kaneki birthday moments with the party hats and ribbon that Tsukiyama was tied up with. Luseth, my new-friend-from-AFA Kaneki gave me this too:

Kane/Hide BroTP <3

Kane/Hide BroTP ❤

Thank you so much, Luseth!

I say the last local event because there’s actually one more event that I’m familiar with that’s happening on the 27-28th of Dec in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that a lot of my friends are going for. Singapore’s really close to KL so it’s not hard at all. I’ve never been to Comic Fiesta (CF) before and I’m not sure I’ll be able to anytime soon though. The end of the year is always a pretty festive time for my family. T’was a little saddening cos this was the first year I was invited to travel with a group of photographer friends. I’ve never been asked if I’d like to go to CF with anyone before. That felt pretty cool. Oh well. It’s alright.

Oh wait! There’re 2 more events that I know about in Japan during this period. ジャンプフェスタ (Jump Festa) and 冬コミ (Winter Comiket). Got a friend in Japan right now enjoying his holiday to the maximum by going for all these events and cons. Man, he’s totally gonna enjoy himself so much and burn a crater in his wallet.

One day I’d like to travel to Tokyo during this time for these events… One day.


EDIT: I found out Cosfest Christmas was the last local ‘cosplay’ event of the year, but there is one more game con called the Good Game Convention that is happening from 26th to 28th Dec.





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