Event: AFA 2014

This is more than a week late because I meant to post it last week, but then I saved the draft and actually forgot to post it, WHOOPS…

Potential symptoms of post-con syndrome: Exhaustion, the lack of motivation to be productive, staring into blank space, repetitive actions (e.g. scrolling through Facebook constantly), body aches, illness (sometimes), very messy art/cosplay work areas, the lack of money, extreme nostalgia etc.

Please feel free to comment and I’ll add it to the list.

I’ve put off writing this AFA experience post because I didn’t think I had much to mention that would be interesting to others, but here’s a little sharing anyway.

Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2014 was held at the Suntec Convention Halls, as it is usually held at every year. The only exception was 2 years ago when those Convention halls were under renovation.

2013 was the only year I didn’t manage to attend the convention since it’s beginning in 2008. Dad’s the one I have to thank who saw the ad for it in 2008 in the newspaper and decided to take me. I basically spent the very short time I was there with family running around taking photos, in awe of everything. AFA 2008 was the first anime/manga/cosplay convention I’d ever been to and it was life-changing. I started cosplay at AFA a year after that, but that’s a story for another time.


Day 1 (5/12, Fri) Con Attire

Day 2 (6/12, Sat): Nagachika Hideyoshi - Tokyo Ghoul

Day 2 (6/12, Sat): Nagachika Hideyoshi – Tokyo Ghoul [P:Speedknight]

Day 3 (7/12, Sun): Glitch - Dance Central 2 [P: Burntpie]

Day 3 (7/12, Sun): Glitch – Dance Central 2 [P:Burntpie]











Currently the only full body photo of my Glitch on the right, but I’m missing a glove in that, so it’ll get replaced when I find a better photo. Fri was spent exploring the hall and shopping with a good friend. On sat, Tsukiyama friend and I went up to all the Kanekis we saw with me going, “BROOOOOO” while he whispered “食べたい” (I want to eat) in their ears. Pretending to be a dance genius on Sun gave me a lot more freedom for posing XD

It’s amazing how the event just gets bigger and better. Got albums signed, and took photos with a few event guests, that was so cool. I’m sorry, I won’t be going into detail cos that’ll be boring as heck to read about. Got a hell lot of (mostly fan) merchandise, with a few gifts from friends and a few gifts for friends (which aren’t in the photo below):


Merch from AFA SG 2014

As is pretty damn obvious, I AM WAY TOO DEEP.

Really can’t describe the fun I had in words; All thanks to everyone who I met over the weekend: Artists, old friends, new friends, online-to-real-life friends, AFA guests and anyone else who I didn’t mention. They are all wonderful I thank them for the most amazing time I had at this year’s AFA. This is probably be the one local event I look forward to the most every year.

In a few days time (this weekend) there’s actually another small cosplay event happening, called Cosfest Christmas but I’m not sure what’s happening over there. Will consider going down to meet friends, but that might be it.

Joke from AFA day 2:

AFA stamp for re-entry to the exhibition hall

You had one job. I think I deserved the first ‘A’, man.

After stamping my arm for re-entry into the exhibition hall, the girl and I looked down and burst out laughing at the same time.

2 thoughts on “Event: AFA 2014

  1. www That’s the first time I have ever seen that happen. FA. www

    That being said, it was great seeing you! (Though I didn’t get to talk to you much) I love your Glitch and gosh that eyebrow game.


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