Scripts to help manga reading

If you’re an avid manga reader this is really useful. I wish I thought about looking for scripts to aid in manga-reading so many years earlier, guh OTL

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Well it was an awesome day today and I met up with Nic, who’s the owner of the blog that I keep pushing. And naturally we ended up talking about manga. 8D And yeah we touched on my manga reading speed and really, it’s not a miracle. One reason why I read manga so fast is because I have scripts to help load manga beforehand so that all the images in one chapter load, or even the whole series loads. (No more waiting time for the next page!)

Well the script that I would highly recommend is this:
MangaReader Easy Viewing

Basically what this script does is it loads all the chapters of the series sequentially, so that you can scroll through the series endlessly. Seriously, the only bad point of it is that it’s hard to track which chapter/page you are on at the moment and sometimes when pages…

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