Blog: Ray’s Reviews and Recommendations

I’m really lucky to have gotten a day to rest after the wild weekend at AFA. Almost everyone else has got school or work to go to ): I hope they recover soon.

Short one because I just want to introduce a friend’s manga/manhwa etc. review/recommendation blog, Ray’s Reviews and Recommendations.

Raylight’s probably one of the few people I know who can give me a really long list of unpopular and uncommon recommendations, whether manga or manhwa, because she’s such a binge reader. The number and types of series she’s read is pretty damn crazy. I really like it when she introduces stuff that aren’t as well known. No surprise that I’m already looking at her blog for recommendations even though she’s only got a few posts heheh.

Unlike my long-winded ramblings, her posts are relatively short and to the point. She warns if there’re any spoilers present. It’s still a really new blog and posting is pretty irregular (just like mine), but I hope she continues to update with new recommendations and reviews.

Please do check it out 🙂

5 thoughts on “Blog: Ray’s Reviews and Recommendations

  1. Haha Nic you’re embarassing me.

    Anyways, what kind of story do you like to read? (The ones you are more interested for now) I’ll try to include more of those in my reviews and recommendations. (For now I have a few planned out, will update either tmr or Friday www)


    • I… don’t actually have any preferences as you probably already know OTL Just continue writing what you want to write about lah. It’s okay, don’t worry XD You don’t even need to keep talking about uncommon ones, I’ll read anything you post about. HAHA.

      Liked by 1 person

      • HAHA OKAY. Will do. Hopefully we don’t keep writing the same series www (I’m trying to avoid writing the same series as you do, but I realized once again that our tastes are similar.) (I almost wanted to write The Gamer too- www)


      • Just write! It doesn’t matter! I was thinking about talking about One Punch Man too! If I read one of the mangas you recommend and post about it, I’m totally gonna link it back to your post HAHA. Is that alright though?

        Liked by 1 person

      • www. Sure go ahead. If you wanna talk about it it’s fine!~~ Linking it back is a bit embarrassing though since I recall fangirling a lot in my posts www. But yeah I would be happy if you read one of the series I recommend and write about it 😀


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