Upcoming Event: AFA Singapore 2014

This weekend’s the Anime Festival Asia (AFA) in Singapore, WOOHOO.

It’s the largest annual Japanese pop culture-related convention in the country that usually takes place around Nov/Dec period. For more info, check their website. There’re so many amazing guests and artists that are coming down oh my gosh. And the quality of the artist and exhibitor booths are always great! So psyched! XD

This year it’s held from the 5 to 7 Nov (Fri – Sun). It used to run for 3 days: First day press conference and some stuff, with the actual convention hall open on Saturday and Sunday. But it’s recently been extended to run for 4 days (Press etc. day on Thurs) with the conventional hall open for 3 days (Fri – Sun).

Been looking forward to this year’s AFA since I couldn’t make it to last year’s. I’m going to meet so many friends and take photos and collect cosplay/photographer/artist cards and see all the artists + guests and get so much merchandise … Goodbye money.

I hope whoever’s going this weekend will have fun ~ I know I will. And for those of you who aren’t in Singapore, If there’s one anime convention you should consider making the trip to this country for, it’s definitely AFA Singapore.

What cons in your country would you recommend to tourists like me?


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