Manga: Kurayami ni Strobe

Got to watch The Lion King (musical) with housemates today. Gosh. It was so damn brilliant. I’m so glad I managed to catch it here in Brisbane. Missed it when it was in Singapore OTL

Things’ve been pretty busy as of late. Here I was thinking I’d have more free time after submitting final assignments of the semester, but I was totally wrong… the last few days’ve been hectic what with going out with friends and last minute shopping before I head back tomorrow.

Today’s going to be short and on a BL because I have less than an hour to get this out and still gotta pack.

Manga: Kurayami ni Strobe 「くらやみにストロボ」 A Strobe in the Darkness

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 11.58.34 PM

Kurayami ni Strobe cover

Kurayami ni Strobe is a 5-chapter (with 3 extras), 1 volume Boys Love (Shounen Ai) manga written and illustrated by Hayakawa Nojiko. It was published in the BL magazine, Cab, from Dec 2011 to 2013. Its a short but cute story about 2 best friends becoming more.

Sakaki Arata likes to take photos of the other boys in school and sell them to the girls. He is is in love with his childhood friend, Miyamoto Shoutarou, and always eavesdrops on the confessions his friend receives from girls, later behaving as if nothing happened. Each time, Shoutarou rejects those confessions saying he’s busy with club activities. But then one day he says that he already has someone else that he likes.

WARNING: Guy x Guy relationship. Nothing explicit involved. Just, pure, love.

Going through people’s manga screencap reblogs on Tumblr gives me great mangas to read. This was absolutely beautiful.

The basic plots, conflicts, ups and downs, are pretty much the same for every single BL or Yaoi manga out there, and Kurayami ni Strobe is no different. It’s pretty generic in that context. Maybe just not as dramatic as a lot of others. The mild drama doesn’t seem as forced and everything flows very naturally.

Kurayami ni Strobe was so goddamn sweet my heart and head was close to spontaneously combusting from the fluffy-ness. Any more and I might have felt the need to grab my laptop and wrangle it from the sheer magnitude of my feelings for the couple. The characters are so innocent, so cute together, I was probably blushing hard enough to spontaneously combust.


Shoutarou and Arata

Besides the tooth-achingly sweet pair, Hayakawa sensei’s art also plays a huge part in why this series is so captivating. I guess to some readers, it might seem like the art’s pretty messy, what with the not-so-straight lines. But the soft atmosphere of the style draws you in and blends seemlessly with the pace at which developments unfold. There aren’t any complicated panels that require a lot of detailing, but the facial expressions and emotions portrayed by the characters are spot on and strike really deep.

Its relatable regardless of gender. If you’re one for emotional ups and downs present in both Shoujo and BL, this is for you.

Hayakawa-sensei’s works are so heart-achingly touching. I really love her works.

When I write my next post tomorrow I’ll be back in Singapore. HEHEH. I’m looking forward to going back.

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