NoBloPoMo right at the get-go [Day 01]

So if you thought I was gonna immediately start writing about a series today, you are…



I apologise. I really didn’t plan to write anything at all on the first day of NaBloPoMo. Especially since it’s also the very first post on this blog. There is a reason for that though, which I’ll mention tomorrow. For now, please put away whatever expectations you had, and if you’d like, continue reading below XD Alternatively, come back tomorrow and there should be something up that’ll undoubtedly be more interesting. Heheh.

Since it’s the first time I’m starting something like this as well as participating in NaBloPoMo, I’ll keep it simple and just focus on 29 (HAHA, CHEAT.) different mangas, one each day, just for this month. It won’t be just manga after that.

As mentioned in the “About” section, this isn’t a review blog. It’s not going to be ‘formal’. I’m going to be writing in some pretty casual language because that’s how I usually speak when I’m with friends who share the same interests without the multitude of profanities and bad English. If I try too hard to sound smart by thinking too much, my brain farts, causing my tongue (in this case fingers) to tie and I trip over my own words. I’m not great at writing, and I probably won’t be able to share the extent of my thoughts and love for every single thing I post about, but I’m going to try to be coherent anyway and hope my feelings get through.

Those already sound like some cheesy protagonist lines, help me.

Gonna stop here for fear of more crap that escapes the confines of my brain.

I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy writing in it.

2 thoughts on “NoBloPoMo right at the get-go [Day 01]

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