Happy New Year 2018!! ~

It should be 1 Jan 2018 for most of the world now so, Happy New Year!!

Learned my lesson from last year and had just a sip of champagne. I’d like to say I enjoyed the first few hours of New Year’s Day doing my favourite pastime ever, but in reality, I fell asleep really fast and woke up to my phone lost in the sheets, haha.

Not too bad I guess, but I wish I managed to stay up to read some manga before knocking out. 😦

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Anime Season Interests: Fall 2017

I’m really happy I’ve finally settled one part of my life \o/ Will be starting a new full-time job in exactly a week’s time and it seems like it’s going to be pretty interesting. Just a temporary contract, but I’m glad I’ll at least have money to live for awhile longer, thank goodness (ง •̀_•́)ง

Now that that’s settled, a weight’s off my shoulders and I can freely spend the rest of my free time on my hobbies and other personal stuff… like actually blogging again. Man, I never knew I missed blogging until I started this post!

I actually got a few episodes in for 5/7 of the anime series that I said I wanted to try last season (Summer 2017). Not bad huh! XD But as usual, I haven’t kept up with any of them, HAHAHAHA. The only 2 I haven’t started at all is Vatican Chosakan and the new Jigoku Shoujo :/

I’d actually almost forgotten the new season’s anime was starting until yesterday after suddenly realising I hadn’t watched anime in 2 months, haha!

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Event: Akiba Town – Day 3

I’ve read and watched so many new manga and anime last month, I’ve just been putting off blogging on all of them, hahahaha OTL It’s really bad. I’m constantly procrastinating on things to do by doing other things instead: Like when I need to work on my cosplays, I read manga. When I need to blog, I read fanfiction. When I need to do other important things, I blog.
It’s a constant, vicious cycle of procrastination and laziness that’s been going on for a long time now and I’m still working to get out of.

But anyway, Akiba Town was a small event that happened from 4-6 Aug about a week and a half ago at the Marina Bay Sands Level 1 Expo Hall. Didn’t have much of an interest to head down for all 3 days so just visited on the third day to check out artist booths and hopefully see a few friends 🙂

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