Anime Season Interests: Fall 2017

I’m really happy I’ve finally settled one part of my life \o/ Will be starting a new full-time job in exactly a week’s time and it seems like it’s going to be pretty interesting. Just a temporary contract, but I’m glad I’ll at least have money to live for awhile longer, thank goodness (ง •̀_•́)ง

Now that that’s settled, a weight’s off my shoulders and I can freely spend the rest of my free time on my hobbies and other personal stuff… like actually blogging again. Man, I never knew I missed blogging until I started this post!

I actually got a few episodes in for 5/7 of the anime series that I said I wanted to try last season (Summer 2017). Not bad huh! XD But as usual, I haven’t kept up with any of them, HAHAHAHA. The only 2 I haven’t started at all is Vatican Chosakan and the new Jigoku Shoujo :/

I’d actually almost forgotten the new season’s anime was starting until yesterday after suddenly realising I hadn’t watched anime in 2 months, haha!

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Event: Akiba Town – Day 3

I’ve read and watched so many new manga and anime last month, I’ve just been putting off blogging on all of them, hahahaha OTL It’s really bad. I’m constantly procrastinating on things to do by doing other things instead: Like when I need to work on my cosplays, I read manga. When I need to blog, I read fanfiction. When I need to do other important things, I blog.
It’s a constant, vicious cycle of procrastination and laziness that’s been going on for a long time now and I’m still working to get out of.

But anyway, Akiba Town was a small event that happened from 4-6 Aug about a week and a half ago at the Marina Bay Sands Level 1 Expo Hall. Didn’t have much of an interest to head down for all 3 days so just visited on the third day to check out artist booths and hopefully see a few friends 🙂

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First Impressions (Anime): Ballroom e Youkoso

Pretty much been screaming about it everywhere, but I’ve been waiting for an anime adaptation of Ballroom e Youkoso since I started reading it 2 years ago at a friend’s recommendation!! So frigging happy and excited that it’s finally airing!! XD \o/

Anime: Ballroom e Youkoso 「バールルームへようこそ」Welcome to the Ballroom

To sum it up in a simple sentence:
Ballroom e Youkoso follows the story of average, aimless middle-schooler, Fujita Tatara, as he’s introduced to ballroom dancing and the competitive world of Dancesport.

Ballroom had its world premiere at Anime Expo 2017 at the beginning of July, a week before it was scheduled to air in Japan, and then a Twitch premiere 2 days before the scheduled air date. I actually got up early (time difference) to catch the stream of the first episode online, heheh \o/ And then watched the immediate encore again.

WARNING: I don’t think there’s anything that could warrant specific warnings of… unless you’re an absolute stickler for consistently accurate anatomy… But I’ll get to that in a bit.

I’m sure you guys would have figured it out by now, but this First Impressions post is likely to be highly biased due to the fact that I’ve been a huge fan and advocate of the series for awhile now, haha! I also did not expect it to turn out this long… oops.

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Anime Season Interests: Summer 2017

So I actually finished ACCA awhile back and that’s… probably the only anime series I finished within the last few months. Ehehe… Oh wait! Managed to rewatch Baccano with friends too so there’s that 🙂

Other than those 2 series, I guess a bigger part of the past few months was spent on watching various films like In This Corner of the World, Steam Boy, The Empire of Corpses and the Resident Evil CGI films, including the latest, RE: Vendetta… on top of my usual manga-reading. Most of them were really good in different ways, but some were just “meh”. Not sure if I’ll post about them anytime, but if you’d like quick, short updates on my thoughts on what I’m reading/watching at the moment, Dayre would be the way to go 🙂

I’ve just looked through this season’s anime list and… I was right! This season does have more series I’d like to try compared to the last (Spring 2017)! And I haven’t even finished the Berserk 2017 series that just finished airing, haha! Too busy laughing at the horrible animation from about Episode 8 onwards XD
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Live: Live Spectacle Naruto – Song of the Akatsuki –

Ah crap! I’d totally forgotten this’s been in my drafts for the past 2 weeks and was planning to post about it AAARGHHH… Better late than never I guess. I swear everything I post is late -_-

Even though Singapore’s such a small, small country, I’m honestly happy and extremely fortunate to have grown up and continue to live here, especially concerning my hobbies and interests. There’re a lot of reasons I can list, but one of them is definitely how there is no lack of entertainment productions brought in from overseas. In this case, I think we were pretty darn fortunate to have the Naruto Stage play company stop by for a weekend of shows (again)!

The Mastercard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands hosted the Live Spectacle Naruto – Song of the Akatsuki – on 10 and 11 June a week and a half ago! A few friends and I went to watch the last show on 11 June (Sun) at 6pm. It was SO AWESOME!!

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My E3 2017 experience

Every year I ask myself why I try to follow E3 news and streams when I don’t even play 99% of the games showcased/talked about… and then watch all the press cons, trailers and gameplay anyway.

Catching up with Microsoft’s stuff while watching Mario+Rabbids gameplay, but couldn’t multitask so well…

(Backpost because I forgot to blog about E3 last month! OTL)

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First Impressions (Manga): Dungeon Meshi

On the spur of a moment and urging from a friend, I decided to start reading a (what I thought is a) chill, laid-back, comedic series that’s been on my ever-growing-to-read-list for awhile now. I first saw it at Kinokuniya and the cover looked cute the image just stuck in my mind… And then later it found out it was nominated for the 9th Manga Taisho award in 2016. WELL… yeah, of course I was gonna try it out!

Manga: Dungeon Meshi「ダンジョン飯」Delicious in Dungeon

Vol 1 Cover

A brief introduction of Dungeon Meshi by Kui Ryoko:
The series is set in a fantasy world of dungeon exploration, where guilds and parties go on expeditions to raid dungeons. After getting his sister eaten by a dragon, Laios and his party (of now 5) are down on luck, losing 2 more members to other parties and completely broke. For Laios (human swordsman), Chilchack (halfling locksmith) and Marcille (elven spellcaster) to continue their dungeon exploration and save Farin (Laios’s sister) from digestion, they resort to eating monsters as food, meeting Senshi, a dwarf who introduces them to the world of dungeon meshi: Delicious cuisines made from ingredients like screaming mandrakes, giant bats and walking mushrooms.

Warning: Dungeon Meshi is categorised as a Seinen and after reading much further ahead, I definitely understand why. Violence, blood and some gore (What do you expect from killing and cooking monsters?!), thievery and lots of other questionable themes, situations and revelations.

To be honest, when I first started reading it, I didn’t know or realise it was a Seinen series. It didn’t even cross my mind to think about it until I reached a specific point in the story when it suddenly hit me that Dungeon Meshi really isn’t… ‘innocent’—I guess that might be one way to put it?— at all.

But that’s much more for another time. This First Impressions post is just my thoughts up to about… the end of volume 1, chapter 7 and extra 7.5.

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