A few thoughts on attending conventions overseas

When I got back from my trip to Sydney a month ago, a number of friends asked how attending SMASH was. While answering those questions at the time, I didn’t think I had a lot to say so I condensed my thoughts into a few sentences. Passing conversations at cons — and in general — can be so quick! Plus if you’re speaking to someone who has an understanding of the situation context and/or circumstances, you don’t always need to explain much to be on the same page.

When I typed some of those thoughts out in my SMASH 2019 post though, my blathering turned out to be much longer than expected trying to explain in full. It turned into some sort of mini-essay and I figured this mini-essay should get a post of its own.

So here it is! Just some general thoughts on attending conventions overseas.

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Event: Cosfest 2019

I’m always going to have backlog for my blog, but the most I can do is try to keep up a once-a-month-post… at least!! I’ve currently got some blogging momentum going though so I’m gonna try my best to ride this wave a bit.

SMASH happened on 13 and 14th July (Sat and Sun) and here’s my experience on it. I stayed in Sydney with 3 friends from Singapore for a week after that and the 4 of us flew back the next Saturday night, arriving in the wee hours of Sunday morning… before heading to another event the very same day we got back to Singapore 😀

Cosfest XVIII was held at Downtown East D’Marquee and its surrounding area on the 20th and 21st of July (Sat and Sun). The thought of dragging ourselves down to an event the day we came back was still up in the air the week before when we met up in Sydney, but that plan… solidified pretty fast. It didn’t take much goading for each of us to confirm our enthusiasm to attend and cosplay. I was an exception though since I’d already planned another costume if I wasn’t too tired for it /o\

Touched down at 2am, slept at 6am, got to Cosfest before 4pm (ง •̀_•́)ง Still have no idea how Puffy, Jin, Shanehh and I did it, but we made it happen.

P: Shanehh

It’s SMASH DAY 3! Jk.

P: Puffy

Who’s the loser who clearly didn’t get the memo on the right costume…

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Event: SMASH 2019

It wasn’t my first time at a convention overseas, nor was it my first time cosplaying out of the country, but 3 weeks ago I flew Australia with a few friends and attended SMASH for the first time.

SMASH! (Sydney Manga and Anime Show) is an annual Japanese pop-culture event that’s been organised for quite awhile now. It’s usually held at ICC Sydney (The Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre) and this year it was held on 13th and 14th July (Sat and Sun). I’ve heard about it and wanted to go for it for a number of years now, but finally got the chance to this year!!!

2 friends and I planned for a trip to Sydney for the convention, then stayed a week after for a holiday. We were joined by another friend from Singapore who stayed there longer too. In all honestly, the trip definitely would not have happened had we not made several really amazing Australian friends who housed us, took us around and introduced us to so many things while we were there. It’s pretty darn awesome how we all met through our mutual interests of cosplay and weeb stuff.

I was so busy running around that weekend I didn’t take many photos of the con grounds, but I’ve got other photos and waaaaaay too much to gush about /o\ 


*Note: Extremely word-heavy post with many photos.

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Anime Season Interests: Summer 2019

*HAHA I’m sorry, I honestly entirely forgot to blog for the entirety of June so I’m going to turn back the time for this post even though it’s written after. 

I think I really do need to get into the habit of taking notes down whenever I reflect and think about things. Whether it’s thoughts on a new manga series I’m reading, or sudden ideas to blog about, the more time I let pass, the less I can remember the exact thoughts in that moment and how to put them into words. It’s like I missed that specific chance within the time period and there’s no way to get it back, ever. I guess that’s one thing I struggle with when I need to sit down and blog: I lose the ideas and words before I can put them in a post like this. Words just don’t come very easy, at least to me /o\

But anyway, even if I currently don’t remember every single thought about the few series I was interested in for the 2019 Summer anime season, I do remember some of the excitement I had for these specific series, especially because these series are adaptations which I’ve read the manga of.

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Event: Doujin Market 2019

I went back to check when the last time I posted about an event was on my blog and was a little ashamed to realise it was… last October’s Gamestart, HAHA. That means I’ve entirely forgotten (again) to share about AFA, Comic Fiesta and EOY again last year OOPS…

For now though, here’s a quick run through of the fun I had at Doujima last week 🙂

Doujin Market, a.k.a. Doujima, was held at Suntec City Convention Centre (Yeah, most of our Singapore cons are held there) last weekend, 4th and 5th May (Sat and Sun). It’s been 5 months since I cosplayed to a convention and was really looking forward to it!

*Note: Slightly photo-heavy post. 

*Photo heavy post*

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Anime Season Interests: Spring 2019

Oh crap. I actually completely forgot to blog for 2 whole months, HAHAHAHA OH NO.
I guess that’s probably more evidence than any at my depleting motivation to keep my blog up.

Life’s been sucking the… well… literal life out of me. It’s been busy, to say the least. To be honest, I haven’t read as much manga as usual in the past few months because I’ve swapped some of that time out for gaming on my Switch. Just last weekend I went to my first jpop culture event of the year, Anime Matsuri, but even then I didn’t feel it was anything much. I’m probably just tired, but I’ll keep trying.

For the moment though, here’s a slight jump start with a simple post on the few anime I’m looking forward to this Spring season 🙂

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Anime Season Interests: Winter 2018/2019

Uwah, it’s almost the end of January! The month seems to have passed really quick /o\

Life’s been pretty draining since I’ve thrown myself into work, but manga’s keeping me afloat as usual. Haven’t found much time to watch anything though 😦 I’ve also picked up my Switch again recently to play Stardew Valley in co-op mode with a friend so that’s been taking up some free time, haha! It almost feels like I have another part-time job as a slave on my friend’s farm…

Gonna try to squeeze in at least a little of this season’s anime among other life responsibilities and happenings (ง •̀_•́)ง

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