Love you, Dad.

Otaku Life Story time. ( ̄︿ ̄)>

This isn’t anything much, but I just want to share a little about my dad and how he’s influenced my hobbies.

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Anime Season Interests: Winter 2017-2018

Oh man, I’m a little sheepish to admit that I spent whatever free time I’ve had in January actually watching a few of this Winter season’s anime (besides my constant manga reading) XD Hahaha, that pretty much meant I didn’t have time to blog, and now it’s a few weeks into the new season OOPS.

But hey! That means I need to post soon get this ‘urge to share’ and ‘opinions’ off my chest, hahahaha. Probably a bit too much positivity there but let’s run with that (ง •̀_•́)ง

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Happy New Year 2018!! ~

It should be 1 Jan 2018 for most of the world now so, Happy New Year!!

Learned my lesson from last year and had just a sip of champagne. I’d like to say I enjoyed the first few hours of New Year’s Day doing my favourite pastime ever, but in reality, I fell asleep really fast and woke up to my phone lost in the sheets, haha.

Not too bad I guess, but I wish I managed to stay up to read some manga before knocking out. 😦

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Event: EOY 2017

*backpost by 3 months*

EOY J-Culture Festival 2017 was held at the Marina Barrage on 9 and 10 Dec 2017 (Sat and Sun). As I mentioned in my 2016 post about the event, EOY, End of Year, is usually the last cosplay pop-culture event/convention held in Singapore every year and 2017 was no different.

The older we get, the less motivation we have to go for smaller events. So unless I have specific reason for going, like supporting a guest or to meet friends, I’ve been giving smaller events a miss. Adult-life is taking its toll, unfortunately.

I dropped by EOY 2017 for a few hours on Saturday and got to see some friends and throw money at booths anyway 🙂

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Live: Suga Shikao

*Backpost by 3 months

When I was young, I never actually thought I’d be the kind of person who got the chance to attend many concerts. The biggest reason being that most of the music I listen to is predominantly by Japanese artists. It never occurred to me that I’d become a pretty frequent concert-goer a few years back until a friend commented something like, “Wow, everytime I look at your instagram feed, you’re always at another concert!” That made me stop and consider, again, how fortunate I am to be living in such an accessible country.

Suga Shikao’s music was something I got into 8 years ago, and considering he’s an older, veteran artist, I never imagined I’d ever get to hear him live. HAPPY was such an understatement when I found out he was going to be performing in Singapore! /o\

Suga Shikao’s 20th Anniversary Special “Suga Shikao Asia Circuit 2017” was held at ZEPP@BIG BOX Singapore on Friday, 8 Dec 2017 at 8pm with doors opening at 7pm. Was totally ready to go for his concert by myself if I had to, but I’m glad 2 of my friends decided to join me with General Admission tickets too 🙂

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